Predict the Score Thread: Week 3 - Minnesota at North Carolina

Not sure I can pick a score until we know if Lindenberg is playing. If he does, we win by a td. If he doesn't I think we lose by a FG. If him and Mav are out I think it could be ugly.

What a boost if Lindenberg plays against UNC.


I was hoping to feel better about this game as the week has progressed. Hasn't happened yet.

I believe MN is figuring some things out on offense. I believe they are going to open the playbook. I’m a believer in the MN defense‘s ability to cause some chaos and hold down the score. If their coach‘s tell and some fan commentary is correct they are significantly weaker at the receiver position this year. If Darius is for real versus a P5 opponent and I believe he is then

MN 29
UNC 26

For the third straight week, no one has predicted the exact final score.

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