Since we're talking The Kinks, I love this live version of the old standard, Lola. Seems the boys were really enjoying themselves this night:

I always found it amusing they made them change coca cola to cherry cola but were apparently ok with the rest of the song. The Kinks are enjoying themselves because they got away with the bigger play.

I feel like I posted this video in a music thread years ago. But I absolutely love this song and version. "Overfed long-haired leaping gnome" -- one of my all time favorite lines. Talk about self-deprecating observational humor!

Also a karaoke favorite.

I just had a flashback to belting out this song while in high school, working at Taco Bell. I owned the deep fryer when I was in charge of the radio.

A treasure trove of old music can be found via the music of Mad Men, with a particular stand out for me Lou Johnson's version of Always Something There to Remind Me, which silly me, thought was an original from Naked Eyes in the '80s

Just saw these guys at the Kitty Cat Klub last Saturday night. They still bring it at 70+.

I dedicate this song to PJ Fleck and the 2019 Gophers. We've had a long streak of that bad luck but pray it's gone at last!

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I missed getting this up on Veterans Day, but better late than never. This was the number one song on the US charts the week I was born. My folks said there was a line around the block to buy this album at JCPenney's the day it was released.


This came across this morning...

I have the Goodyear collection from the following year--1966. I'm afraid to ask my mom whether she's noticed it's missing; I suppose I should tell her or return it once I've transferred it to digital. In any case, the New Christy Minstrels' version of "We Need A Little Christmas" is the best ever. Mame had just debuted on Broadway that year if I'm not mistaken, so that song was brand new.


A little Fairport Convention: (yes, I switched to a better video.
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Springsteen did the 8th in his series of music "for troubled times" yesterday. (They're all available on demand for SiriusXM subscribers, and they're fantastic.) He raved about "Under the Boardwalk" and how wonderful and well-crafted a song it is and, of course, the memories it brings back for him and his days under the Atlantic City boardwalk. He played the Rolling Stones' cover of the song, which he called a little punkier, and I got the feeling it might be his favorite version.


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