Ohio State fires Holtmann

I would assume Chatman will transfer.....but not the gophers. I don't think he is better than what we have. He doesn't play with a HIGH MAJOR MOTOR IMO
I mostly agree! Chatman could be great but I'm not sure playing for the Gophers is what he wants based on his prior decision to not be a part of OUR program...I think he wants more than what we can reasonably offer. I think he would be a great addition, talent-wise (maybe the 'highest ranked' player on our roster besides Garcia) but I question the cultural fit. Chatman would most likely be a back-up on an average (or better than average) Gopher team. I'm not sure he would be happy with that and I'm not sure we would be happy with that when all is said and done. Would love to have his skillset and talent, for sure, but wonder if it would actually 'work' for him/us if he were to become a Gopher. That said, a backcourt of Hawkins, Mitchell, Carrington, Chatman, and Asuma excites me!

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