Sketchy ending, then they slayed that form of a press. And now....

Game is over. Line was -3.5 gophers. Absurd. I think offensive. Gophers are a top 5 BTEN team. This team is figuring it out. Scoring rotations, defensive rotations, everything. We have a well-coached, talented team. We will dance. I said it before and I will say it again. You all missed out on an easy bet. -3.5?!

My God, some of you are drama queens. Yeah they didn’t play perfect down the stretch but that was never in doubt. You need to get over yourselves. It’s great team basketball and it’s a fun team to watch. Lighten up and enjoy the shit out of this after what we’ve been dealing with.

This team passes the eye test as an NCAA tournament team to me but two horrendous losses and a disgraceful non conference schedule is ultimately going to do them in imo.

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