***-OFFICIAL-*** Minnesota Vs. Iowa (GAME THREAD)

24-2 Minnesota; we score 24 unanswered points.

Seriously, what is up with these 1st Quarter performances?!

the referees are giving iowa very generous spots.......

wow, it is not all that loud and they have to take ALL 3 timeouts. that could have serious implications towards the end of the half.

the worst part is iowa isn't even firing on all cylinders and they're pretty much in control of the game right now.......

imagine when they start getting some steam behind them.......

hightower is too slow. he couldn't catch stanzi?

this is not bleeping terrell pryor. why can't we tackle stanzi?

Overall the defense is playing well but they need to make the big tackle for loss or capitalize on one of Stanzi's weak passes!

I'm starting to notice a very unpleasant pattern of good defense not being supported by the offense that has plagued half the season.......

We need something right here, can't keep getting killed by stupid penalties and high snaps.......

the o-line needs to take some pride.

i think our defense likes to play with a short field.

we must be the most penalized team in the big ten, right?

One thing we've learned over the past three weeks is that it's hard to win with one hand tied behind your back...In our case, that would refer to our offense.

You can't continually make the kinds of mistakes our offense routinely makes and then expect our defense to hold up. It just doesn't happen...kind of like the current Iowa drive:mad:

This is what happens when your best offensive player for more than a quarter is your punter.

And, oh yeah, the penalties don't help either ;)

A nice return by Stoudemire...He's had a couple of those now (despite the penalty)

Uh, oh...here comes our offense back onto the field. ( and right off the bat, ANOTHER penalty)

I think our best opportunity to score may come on a kick return at this point in the game.

great return

and yet........another stupid penalty.......you can kiss this drive goodbye.......

we are going to erase that return by troy with penalties alone!

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