Damnit! Handed the game to them at the last minute again.

Sorry, old habits die hard.
I understand....I'm so jaded, I was thinking our field goal attempt would be blocked, returned for six....2 point conversion, I'm screaming at my wife's purse puppy again.

Two years in a row winning the Axe on national television. Not quite as cool as Fox hanging around on the jump around celebration....but ESPN showed the Gophers parading around with the Axe and chopping down the goalposts. Just the coolest.

Good job Gophers, enjoy the axe. For anyone hanging out on ESPN, prayers or $80mm would both be appreciate
Looks like Jimbo secured himself another year. Actually pretty impressed he got his players up for this game. I thought he had completely lost the locker room.

Say what you will about Fleck, but the fact you find 8-4 a miserable/okay season shows how he’s raised expectations. Hopefully he and Kirk also learned lessons from the Purdue and Iowa losses.
Agree. 8-4 equaling a bad season shows the bar is raised

Just because one poster made a comment doesn't mean you need to do this for the rest of eternity.
Yes he does......because go back and read the whole 47 pages of posts. It's ridiculous.
"All we do is run"
"Three passes and punt....give the ball to Mo"
"Take a deep shot to Wright"
"Ugh...why are we throwing it to Wright...he can't catch"
"We never throw the ball on first down"
"We've thrown it on first down 7 out of nine times"
"Gotta go for it"
"Stupid to go for it"
"Gotta kick the field goal"
"What a stupid call to kick it from here into the wind"
"What a GREAT kick"
"AK8 looks like a deer in the headlights"
"AK8 is the greatest....."
"Take a TO, the D line is gassed"
"What a stupid TO....PJ can't coach"

Bottom line.....it's unreal.
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