You have to make 15 inches behind the best center in the country. Gotta want it.
Play call is the problem. Let them time up the double lb blitz by our immediate idiotic snap after the motion. Give it a count before you snap it, the TE ain’t going anywhere but it was the lbs having a headstart which broke the play

Negative. No reason why you can't pick up a foot or two there. Whole problem with the Gophers is letting teams hang around. Getting a TD there would have been huge.
Except we didnt pick up a foot or two....thus allowing WI to hang around down 4 instead of 7.

Challenges in college don’t matter like they do in the NFL, not having any shouldn’t matter. I think that’s the first one PJ has had to use all year
Glad I'm not the only who's surprised at how mad some people are about the challenge. I can't even remember the last time we challenged a play.

Let’s get another 7 before the half 👍

We are going to need massive luck to win today.

Hindsight is 20/20. Kicked a field goal last week against Iowa to wrap up the first half when we were fourth and a foot and missed the kick.
Kick the F FG. It was the right call then, should have again today.

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