Official March Madness Thread

That's it Wisconsin!?! ...after the national ranking, billboard ads, and the trash talking in Minneapolis and you go out with a whimper vs a twelve seed?

On a completely unrelated note - I will catch up yall Sunday during the next gopher basketball game.

Hopefully Badger fans were smart enough to book tickets to a Broadway show for Sunday.

Culture, intelligence, and Wisconsin just don't go together lol. If they put up more billboards they can watch them.

I picked the Badgers to make the Sweet 16. You're welcome everyone!
I wouldn't have been surprised if they had. It's not because they are particularly that good, but they are experienced and they play a somewhat odd style that allows them to succeed at times. I don't see them as a physically talented team and that ususally shows up in the tourney.

8 double digit seeds won in the first round vs. 5 last year - Parity Rocks🪨

Dayton can't get over the hump with Arizona. Too bad, not an Arizona fan, coach cries more than Izzo and Gard.

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