Well, that's one reason why I don't sports bet...if the home team shoots 35 free throws, they should cover if the underdog only shoots 14.

There were some bright spots but Ben was worried. Ola Joseph and Payne didn't play...what? the last 15 minutes?
Fox and Ihnen are the wild cards. Ihnen is our go to shut down defender.

Played with some pace tonight that we’ve not seen in a minute. Pretty sloppy overall, have to assume players are still getting used to one another. Free throws looked better!

Some sick dunks out there; where the eff did that finish from Carrington come from?!

Yea, not the blowout some hoped for, but seemingly some positives.

Out scored and out rebounded in the 2nd half, but hit 16-18 free throws in the final 20 minutes.
9 turnovers the first half, 8 in the second half. Seemed like more in the 2nd half.
Hawkins with only 1 assist for the game.
Garcia was really good.
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I’m glad to hear that color announcer was the highlight of the game for everyone else! It was so comically bad.

If the Gophers play and shoot like they did during minutes 5-20, they will steal a few games this year. If they play like the second half, it’s going to be a brutal year.

I couldn’t believe some of the stupid turnovers and the celebrating of blocked shots while the other team chased down the ball. So many lazy and stupid mistakes in that second half.

SDSU transfer Noah Freidel and James Madison tied up in east lansing with .14 left

OT now
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