NCAA Tournament 2022-23

I've definitely watched my recording of it more than any other game. (My screen name here could also have been Alanna Beard's Tears, but that seems much too mean.)
We made signs @ the players hotel to give them a game day send off. Ours said “ No beads for Beard “. We did collect a lot of M/G beads for the FF!! But she was balling after that loss…..

It sure would be fun to return to that level of success.......

Watched the replay of that game against Duke.....what an atmosphere! And I'd forgotten how poorly officiated that game was, and the Gophers still pulled it off!


I've attended a lot of athletic events during my seventy plus years, and that one ranks right close to the top.
Me too, one of top two favorite Game memory's in person, Norfolk was rocking with Gopher fans. There was this smaller Barbecue place within walking distance of the Scope and other Gopher fans told us to go there. Better than fast food. The Owners were Gopher fan's that Regional final and day's because a lot of Gopher fans were buying up food, and very few Duke fans were showing up. I think we ate lunch and dinner cause it was like only a few blocks from hotel, and we didn't rent a car.It was really good barbecue too. I seem to remember Jana Shortel and her camera man Kare 11 being at game doing live shots, they pested us for live shots outside arena. We did a pep rally early afternoon, think at least 500 peeps, and were flying out after the game and she was complaining we were not celebrating more, and excited for tip off. We dragged our luggage and had to rent storage locker at bus terminal, as checked out of hotel then get back to arena. That was a very draining three days. Late flight getting in do to T storms. Warm and humid, some heavy rain. Then really chilly morning it was in 40's Morning of Duke game, and that type Ocean cold, is bone chilling. A lot of jet lag and limited sleep. Both games BC and Duke were tense and required a lot of cheering, sweat, and nervousness. BC fans outnumbered us in sweet 16 but rge Gopher fans were a lot louder. The Duke regional final was very draining, fantastic game but it really pulled the emotion out of you. I remember a lot about the game, but the sweating and how physically exhausted the players were and the emotions. Whalen's 13 jersey was so soaked you could see some of the maroon dye had bled out, that's how hard she played. I think we were just all so dang pooped on the flight back, that a nap would have been preferred but it was hard to sleep because of adrenaline. I seem to remember Jana Shortell yacking at how great the game was and wanting to interview us with her KARE 11 camer man after game. Me and my brother didnt want to go on camera, sweaty, and pooped no way to do interview carrying your luggage, there were plenty of Gopher fan's maybe she remembered us earlier. We all lived it, very exhausting roller coaster game. Duke fan's tried to make noise, but we Gopher fan's were not having it. It was a great game day and memory. Sorry to Creative Charters for bumming a bus ride to the air port, I think it was their bus, we snuck a ride to the air port. We did the Navy harbor cruise and met some folks, large group that were on creative Charters tour that told us about bus transfer to airport. In true Minnesotan cheapskate fashion we bum bus ride, just had duffel bags. Our flight home was really late, think we had 3 hour wait before we got out of Norfolk.
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WBCA All America Team Announced

Aliyah BostonUniversity of South CarolinaSeniorForward
Cameron BrinkStanford UniversityJuniorForward
Caitlin ClarkUniversity of IowaJuniorGuard
Mackenzie HolmesIndiana UniversitySeniorForward
Ashley JoensIowa State UniversitySeniorGuard
Elizabeth KitleyVirginia Tech UniversitySeniorCenter
Diamond MillerUniversity of MarylandSeniorGuard
Alissa PilliUniversity of UtahJuniorForward
Angel ReeseLouisiana State UniversitySophomoreForward
Maddy SiegristVillanova UniversitySeniorForward

Here are the 42 student-athletes who received 2023 WBCA NCAA Division I Coaches’ All-America honorable mention:

Georgia AmooreVirginia Tech University
Sarah AndrewsBaylor University
Angel BakerUniversity of Mississippi
Raegan BeersOregon State University
Grace BergerIndiana University
Leigha BrownUniversity of Michigan
Kamilla CardosoUniversity of South Carolina
Sonia CitronUniversity of Notre Dame
Makira CookUniversity of Illinois
Zia CookeUniversity of South Carolina
Monika CzinanoUniversity of Iowa
Aaliyah EdwardsUniversity of Connecticut
Yvonne EjimGonzaga University
Dyaisha FairSyracuse University
Dulcy Fankam MendjiadeuUniversity of South Florida
Rori HarmonUniversity of Texas
McKenna HofschildColorado State University
Jordan HorstonUniversity of Tennessee
Abbey HsuColumbia University
Rickea JacksonUniversity of Tennessee
Taiyanna JacksonUniversity of Kansas
Diamond JohnsonNorth Carolina State University
Haley JonesStanford University
Deja KellyUniversity of North Carolina
Gianna KneepkensUniversity of Utah
Ta'Niya LatsonFlorida State University
Charlisse Leger-WalkerWashington State University
Lou Lopez SénéchalUniversity of Connecticut
Taylor MikesellOhio State University
Olivia MilesUniversity of Notre Dame
Tishara MorehouseFlorida Gulf Coast University
Alexis MorrisLouisiana State University
Aneesah MorrowDePaul University
Charisma OsborneUCLA
Taylor RobertsonUniversity of Oklahoma
Celeste TaylorDuke University
Kaylynne TruongUniversity of Gonzaga
Elena TsinekeUniversity of South Florida
Alyssa UstbyUniversity of North Carolina
Hailey Van LithUniversity of Louisville
Keishana WashingtonDrexel University
Madi WilliamsUniversity of Oklahoma
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Damn it. I've had more than enough Kim Mulkey for one lifetime. If it ends up being Iowa versus LSU I'm going to have to tough it out and hate watch it.

And one more for Caitlin Clark: Ann Meyers Drysdale National Player of the Year.


Live bet at the end of the 1st quarter has South Carolina by 3.5 points. That's a narrowing from the opening 11.5 point line. More to come.

At the half, live betting odds are South Carolina by 5.5 points. More to come.

At the start of the 4th, live betting odds has South Carolina winning by 1.5 points.

Iowa could win this.

Iowa leads by four.

At 5:09 left in the 4th, live betting odds has Iowa favored to win by 2.5 points.

Caitlin Clark needs to improve his decision-making, but she's an amazing player.

Aliyah Boston isn't anywhere near her caliber. I don't understand why people think Boston is so great.

What a great game. Just defeated undefeated South Carolina that was favored by 11.5 points. what a show. First ever back-to-back 40 point games, by Caitlin Clark.




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Still sticking by prediction that Iowa gets cam Brink next year

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