Minnesota Golden Gophers in the NFL - 2023 Season

Terrell Smith rips the ball out AND recovers it.

AWjr did the same on Sunday!
Not sure how much playing time Smith had gotten to this point in the season but he is having a great game tonight and making the most of his opportunity.

edit - Bears are going to find a way to lose this game after leading 27-3 at halftime. Back to back weeks with huge second half collapses.

Do they have video of Antoine Winfield slapping ball out of Ridders hands for a touch back? That was a clutch play.


I live in Tampa Bay and get a lot of Bucs games on TV.

If AWJr is not an All-Pro this season I am going to light this building on fire.

He's everywhere that matters, just like he was in M&G.

He's the team MVP this season.

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