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Nov 20, 2008
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Does anyone knwo what time the tailgate lots open? I seem to remember the old Washington lots opening 4 hours prior to kickoff. With the Hawkeyes traveling north, I want to make sure we get a spot (we've been OK up to this point showing up 3hrs early).

Welcome to the board, Noonan (love the moniker, btw)! I hope a lot of the readers feel comfortable posting on the new board - this is the time to do it!

As for the time the lots open, I'm not sure. I know our group is planning on being out there by noon (some of the guys are looking at 10am). I would guess you'd be good to go showing up by 3pm...but I'm sure some people that have parked in the public lots can offer better advice for you!

Get to tailgating lots early!

I don't know, the Iowa fans love coming up here and messing with our mojo. For the last game in the dome I think the Hawkeye fans are going to be out in droves, and be out early.


At least a few of our group are planning to get to the lot by 9 a.m.

Also new poster!!!

I've been perusing these boards for a while and grew up in the Wacker days....With all the excitement currently around the program I decided to jump right into the new board!!! I've really enjoyed the great player interviews by GopherLady and all the insightful information you guys bring to the program!!! With that being said; "We want the pig"

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