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  • Nadine, if you banned Friend of Tubby for reasons beyond Gopher basketball, that is ridiculous. You allow people like Dr. Drunken Don to pollute the board with nonsense (including trying suppress any dissenting opinion) and the GophersEh dude to stay up beyond his bedtime, but to suppress Friend of Tubby's repetitive pro-Tubby posts (even though I disagree) is a bit over the edge. The risk that you run is to have a message board frequented only by the high schoolers and the hard partying frat boys if some control is not exhibited
    Hi there Nadine,
    The banner is on photobucket (the URL is below). Please let me know if there are any problems accessing it. My understanding is this will be on Gopher Hole starting tomorrow until kickoff of your game Saturday and then during the week before next year's game.

    I hope you're doing alright and hopefully the Pack will salvage the weekend for you. Take care!

    Travis (Southfew)
    Hey Lady:
    Send me an e-mail at my home as my computer crashed and I lost all of my e-mail address! Ugh!!
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