Hugh's session with the Minnesota Media

I didn't realize he could talk to recruits. Hope we are able to get a good class this year. We need a very good outside hitter.

Sorry, I meant "couldn't". I hope that the two assistant coaches they have hired will be able to help Bush recruit. I am concerned about next year's class. The key is will Hugh's name sell recruits, so they commit even though he can't talk to them.

It seems like Hugh was a really good hire. If the football coach works out I think people will start looking favorably at Maturi's time here at the U. If the basketball practice facitlity and baseball stadium get built then people will really have a high regard for Maturi. Hugh even seems to talk favorably about Maturi. I think in the end sure Maturi has made mistakes (Brewster) but he seems to have made some really good decisions also.

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