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  • Hey thanks!!
    Really hope it's Huepel but I trust that there are more than just a few candidates out there that would do a great job. One thing I think Brewster does, is when he swings, he's always going to try and hit a home run. That's VERY refreshing!!
    Will keep looking for your posts on the 'hole. There are many I skim over because it's the same 'ol same 'ol. Not yours and many (I'm sure) appreciate it that very much.

    Didn't want to post this as a thread.
    Thanks for all of your updates on Huepel. I hope you're right as I see this as a real positive for Brewster and the FB program.
    I also belong to GI as "GoldenGopherRube". On there it appears as if Huepel may not be a sure thing. Sounds as if eddie1 was a HS classmate and he has been putting doubts in many people's minds. Hope he is wrong.
    Wishing you the best and hope your posts are "right on".

    Carl Potratz
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