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Nov 3, 2008
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One of the major themes that came out during DL65's annual GopherHole survey was the desire for more Where Are They Now profiles on former Gopher greats. We are very excited that this is an area of interest for our community as it is something we really enjoy writing and hope that our readers get value out of. There have been some amazing athletes and personalities that have worn maroon and gold over the years and we believe in the importance of recognizing their contributions and remembering the great stories and accomplishments at The U.

Since we have so many new readers on since our first profile ran back in 2004, we wanted to create a "Where Are They Now" library per se, to re-publish the more than 30 interviews and profiles we have written over the years. From the first interview with the legendary Murray Warmath to profiles on Gopher greats in basketball, football, baseball, hockey, etc., we hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed interviewing these legends.

We will continue to bring you this popular series and encourage you to send your profile ideas to us, as well as any contact information on the former Gophers for us to reach out to. We ask that you send these requests and/or contact information to our [email protected] e-mail.

Follow the link below to the Where Are They Now topic page.

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