Florida WR on Graham Mertz: "I feel like he's another Joe Burrow"

This is why incoming freshmen shouldn't be allowed to talk to the media.

That's like saying a coach's job is safe right before they get fired.

The SEC may not play great Defense but their defenses are also facing the best offensive skill players and QBs. It's not all that difficult to play D in the B1G West. Or in the East when you're not facing Ohio State, Michigan, or PSU.

I honestly didn't know there were a few SEC worshippers on Gopher Hole.

Seems an odd place for SEC fans to hang out, but to each his own.

SEC fans seem to indulge in a lot of chest-thumping and self-congratulation regarding their unparalleled successes in football. You would think that all that winning would engender a certain level of self-assuredness. And yet a single post from a lowly B1G fan regarding SEC defenses can apparently cause a fair amount of southern-fried teeth-gnashing. I must say, underneath all the bluster and bravado they seem a bit thin-skinned and insecure.
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