Fleck is staying!!!

So for example the 54 number for 2023 ... that's just it, they say "54" and there's no way to drill down lower than that?

I was thinking you compiled that number for each season, and thus could strip off the non-conf game components.

The 54 is a rank from Massey. Drill away if you want.

Burns reporting does not match this, he said Fleck was interested.
Being interested doesn't equate to taking the job. If you read/listen to RB you will understand the warts uncovered at UCLA. There is a reason Kelly left for an OC job. The job isn't as good as everyone thinks

Part of this was injury related on defense and transfers, and playing 5th string RB. That and a QB and back up that couldn't pass. Confluence of a lot of circumstances. Not many predicted AK would play that poorly year over year. Continuity in coaching helps. Hope PJ can start holding on to more coaches.
As PJ like to state " it's all on him"
So put away the excuse computer

As PJ like to state " it's all on him"
So put away the excuse computer

I don't see any need for excuses or apologies.

Fleck just had a 6-7 season. This after going 9-4 in each of the previous two, plus 11-2 and a Top 10 ranking in 2019.

That's good enough to require no excuses, in my view. One season under .500 really isn't the end of the world.

However it really is "all on him" in the sense that if he doesn't bring the team back to previous winning form, he'll eventually be out. An occasional down season is okay, provided it doesn't become habitual.

Fleck has raised the expectations of Gopher football fans.

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