Braun Selected for US 3on3 Trials

It would really be a big waste of her time if she didn’t play at all. Are the other 4 all better then her? I know nothing about them.
Playing with elite players while representing your country is not a waste of time. She is good enough and dedicated enough to make up for any lost time with her teammates.

That’s one way to look at it. Does anyone know anything about the other 4?

Braun's teammates at USA 3x3:

Shyanne Sellers:

Christina Dalce:

Morgan Maly (her team doesn't have the last season stats so here):

Lucy Olsen:

And I'll also include Mara Braun:

A recent article mentioned Jillian Hollingshead. Is she not on the team?

Article about this last victory game:
I found those names on the article. Is there one too many?

Could you give more details of Mara’s performance. I don’t know where to look.

Thanks, it looks like you have to be a subscriber to get the videos.

OT win vs China. Is anyone else completely confused by the format of this tournament?43E45B72-C455-4BCA-8744-8086656FC896.jpeg

USA with the Stop 4 sweep

5Shyanne Sharylle Sellers3300
10Christina Yasmine Dalce7304
11Mara Larissa Braun3300
13Morgan Mae Maly8412

5Shyanne Sharylle Sellers3300
10Christina Yasmine Dalce8404
11Mara Larissa Braun4301
13Morgan Mae Maly6410

5Shyanne Sharylle Sellers5401
10Christina Yasmine Dalce1100
11Mara Larissa Braun6220
13Morgan Mae Maly5401

Totals for STOP 4
Maly 19 pts
Dalce 16 pts
Braun 13 pts
Sellers 11 pts
Seems like a balanced group that is winning often. Has to be a major boost for Braun's confidence and leadership when playing for the Gophers. Awesome experience and opportunity. Fun!

More Stop 4 info: "The first game of the stop saw the U.S. handily defeat Chile, 21-7. The U.S. held a 7-4 lead halfway through the game but really separated themselves thanks to a 14-3 scoring run. The match was played in 8:06, which was the quickest of any game on the stop."

So when we hear three games in one day I'm comparing it to AAU but it's not like that.
The game above was over in 8 minutes...would suck to psyche up for a game and lose in 8 minutes...just sayin'
So they play to 21 or until whatever the score when the clock runs out? Amirite?
Anybody know what the clock time is? 15 minutes?

Couple of observations from the clips. I may be mistaken, but it seems like she's getting her shots from the perimeter off much more quickly than she did during the season last year. Quicker release, as long as it's technically sound, means it's tougher to defend.

As far as driving to the basket; certainly easier, if you've established that you can hit the long shots, to beat your primary defender trying to close out. I wonder if the 3 on 3 format helps, in that there is less of an opportunity for defensive help from one or more bigs in the paint to discourage a good shot as opposed to 5 on 5, where defensive rotation schemes plan for the other 4 players rotating to cover everybody when when primary defender gets beat to the hole.

After six days of competition at the 2023 FIBA 3x3 U21 Nations League Asia-Pacific, the USA women finished atop the conference and earned a berth into the 2023 FIBA U23 Nations League Final. The women won five of the six stops in Handan, China, including the sixth and final stop on Thursday.

The 🇺🇸 Women are 🏆 CHAMPIONS 🏆 of the 2023 @FIBA3x3 U21 Nations League Asia-Pacific Conference!
— USA Basketball 3x3 (@usab3x3) June 29, 2023
The 3x3 U23 Nations League Final is scheduled for Sept. 13-15 in Mongolia. The USA’s five stop titles, and one second place finish, earned them 580 tour points and the bid to the Final. Final standings from the 3x3 U21 Nations League can be found here.

The women, once again, powered their way to the stop 6 final with victories over China and Japan.

The only pool play game of the day was against Japan. The U.S. claimed a 21-16 victory and led wire-to-wire. The team had a balanced scoring effort with everyone scoring multiple times and three finishing with five-plus points. Morgan Maly led the way with eight points.

Much like the USA did against China in the stop 5 final, the team used stifling defense and an early scoring run to take the stop 6 title, 17-11. The contest opened with a China 2-pointer but a 17-4 run from the Americans sealed the game. The USA owned a 12-point lead with 2:41 left to play, their largest lead in a stop final this week.

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