Braeden Carrington in the Portal

Which is odd.

So the starting lineup would be


I don't quite see it. JOJ is a black hole and Carrington's shooting percentages don't justify him starting.
Yeah, Carrington and JOJ were decent players and ultimately would have loved to see them stick around as bench pieces but neither did enough to justify the idea that they should have been starting. Carrington is a good defender but his offensive game was a mess. And JOJ is a great athlete but is super inconsistent and looked lost at times, especially on defense.

Unfortunate that those two are leaving but they won't be all that hard to replace in the grand scheme of things.

I think you’ll like this article. There is a rule change, allowing direct communication. Apparently to shut down spme bait and switch. Collectives will be able to write down offers. Thus, leaving evidence. Which of course would mean there were verbal NIL $$ being promised that did not materialize.

That's was very informative! Thank you!

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