Blake Hoffarber Podcast - THE Shot (both of them), the BTN special on him...


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Nov 5, 2008
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his playing days, the most influential Gophers coach (this one was a big surprise), the best player he played with, and the day that Tubby made them wear full football pads at practice.

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I almost missed the (first) shot! I was at the championship and thought the game was over so I had left my seat and was standing at the top waiting to exit to the concourse.

One of the crazy parts that I don't hear about often is that Darren Kent from Eastview had hit what we thought was a game winning shot with 1.5 seconds left.

Another thing BH excelled at while a Gopher was his outlet passing. They were quick, accurate and facilitated many a fast break. Veritas

The Hoffarber Shot (and Busch Pass) made the Happys segment on Pardon the Interruption today.

Happy 15TH Anniversary.

Good times.


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