Baseball Cards

Going through the closets I found a box of brand new baseball cards from 1972 including a lot of unopened "packs of 5 cards" with the bubblegum stick still inside (the pack you'd buy from stores back then). So, it's a mystery as to what 5 cards are actually in the wrapper. Ever heard of that kind of deal going up for sale - I wouldn't know what specific cards I was selling (other than for sure mint condition cards from '72) and the buyer wouldn't know what they got unless they open up the pack.
The unopened packs definitely have value.

Caveat, I would not take it for granted that all the contents are in "mint condition". The gum has a high chance of damaging the card(s) next to it. Same with the card on the bottom if it's a wax pack.

'72 Topps is a classic looking card in my opinion.

This will be interesting for me. I know virtually nothing about the current industry. All my recent purchases and collecting are older (mostly junk wax era) cards. More of a hobby than an investment.

My wife and two young girls couldn’t care less about this so have to share my excitement somewhere. Finally pulled the trigger on an ‘84 Kirby Fleet Update card. His first MLB card. Probably nothing special for bigger collectors but I’m excited to add it to my Kirby collection.


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