B1G Tourney Game 1: Gophers Versus Rutgers (2-6-24)

Outstanding night for Amaya! If point guards had game ratings (like QBR in football), Amaya would probably have a 135 rating for last night game. With a perfect 158.3 only achieved by the likes of Clark when she drops 40 pts and a triple double.

Some sports nerd should come up with an algorithm for PGR. They are the QBs of their basketball teams.
Oh please lord NO to this! Analytics made MLB so unwatchable they had to change rules in place since the beginning of the game, to try and make it watchable again. And they still haven’t completely fixed it. Nothing will convince me that someone who strikes out 35% of the time is a good hitter. And noting will convince me that someone who looks for her own shot first is a POINT guard.

If Battle tries to morph into a traditional PG I fear the turnovers return. A PG has to want to share the ball. Ours doesn’t, which is why our offense is what the T Wolves refer to as "sticky". We seem to admire other teams that move the ball around against us, and cut to the basket, yet we want a PG that dribbles 10 seconds off each possession. Hawkins was that way when he came here, but somehow he saw the light.
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