B1G Tourney Game 1: Gophers Versus Rutgers (2-6-24)

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Sep 9, 2015
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Rutgers finished 2-16 with wins over Nebraska (71-70) and Minnesota (81-73)

I thought against Iowa even though the game clearly wasn't going their way that the team was still being good teamates, trying hard, cheering for each other and had decent energy about them. The PSU game the wheels fell completely off, flatest effort and as lethargic I have seen this squad all season. I'm hoping they can salvage something Wednesday, need to at least try to come together effort wise and try and beat Rutgers. Even offensively challenged this is not what showed up on Sunday as a team at Penn State. They have more talent and care too much to leave that as the lasting impression of this season. At least I hope so. GO Gophers!

I think there is a bottom line...we are not talented enough to win just playing hard.
The Gophers need to shoot a respectable percentage to win. Grace has to make 3's, Heyer can't go o-fer again and again, Battle needs to play well... shooting and directing the offense.
If that happens and they compete playing defense...we can win.
If we shoot 20 some % or under 33% we won't win.

Iowa shot 61.8% and 56.4% from 3 against us.
We shot 32.4% and 22.7% from 3.

Penn St shot 59.6% and 44.8% from 3 against us.
We shot 20% and 18.2% from 3.

Obviously, the Iowa and Penn St shooting numbers say our defense is non existent. We have to play better defense! But, VERY tough to do when you can't make shots...it gets very demoralizing and it gets very contagious and soon it's a pity party if you can't answer by scoring some yourself.

It would help if somebody scored 20 against Rutgers who never has had even 10 in a game this season....we need some inspiration. Grace with 30...something!

Gosh I hope they can win this game. I hope they come out with determination.
Agreed. Even 1 win, then an exit, might be the beginning of a change in fortunes in the BIG tourney. In the previous 30 BIG tourneys, the Gophers have only won 11 games total (11-30), dead last in BTT winning percentage, and 4 wins behind Wisconsin and Northwestern.

Besides the shooting woes, one thing I have noticed is the switches on defense and passing off offensive players has not been near as good now, and the last 2 to 3 weeks. Now instead of switching we see players sagging off the ball, to help in the paint when nobody is there like seeing ghost or, in a blackout haze, we completely lose someone rotating or cutting on the backside and give up easy lay-up's. The zone defense and defensive switches seems like this team, is losing the concept of what they are even trying to do. I get the frustration on the losing end, and that compounds itself. I don't get flushing what you have shown you can do. They have shown they are capable of playing the style of defense that is being asked, I know players are missing but they have to get back to competing on defense and being in the right spots in those situations to defend and rebound. Gophers have shown with effort they can defend properly. They are still a fairly young team only one senior. I think even with the regression and ups and downs, learning how to deal with adversity, all of this being a new system, they will come out better on the other side. There is light on the horizon even in this tough time.
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Rutgers has struggled with injuries this season and perhaps, again, this one to Mya Petticord:

The tournament matchup will be a replay of the February 13 battle between the two teams. Rutgers was able to edge out the Golden Gophers (15-14, 5-13) by a score of 81-73 at Jersey Mike's Arena on Livingston campus.

In that game, sophomore guard Mya Petticord led the way with 25 points, while junior guard and forward Destiny Adams followed closely behind with 21 points and 10 rebounds for a double-double.

The Knights, though, will most likely be without Petticord this time. The sophomore has been out since Rutgers took on Maryland on February 21.

Rutgers has struggled with injuries this season and perhaps, again, this one to Mya Petticord:
Sounds like a Gopher victory!

Last year when we could not break the press was crushing to me. I shall come back to the tourney fresh and ready to go.

I'll be watching tonight. I want to see our women playing hard. Yes we need to shoot better. Our defense needs to step up and play their best game. I'd like to see Rutgers held to score in the low 50's, cause turnovers, and for us to have less than 10 turnovers. We need to win the rebound game. I want Heyer to play her best game.
Let's get a WIN


Any chance Sophie Hart will be cleared for tonight? She makes a big difference on how offense flows and defense set's up.
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How do teams become 3 pt specialists against the Gophers? Sheesh.

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