B1G Championship Game 2023

Minnesota's D is absolutely smothering.

The smaller M is gaining momentum.

Gophers love to puck watch in the second period for some reason. If Michigan gets one more, game over.

That first goal was so sweet.

Heard at the game after that goal: "They looked like an NHL line."

Me: "They are."

Michigan looked fast and intent in the 2nd. This is a tough game.

Pitlick's goal might be the most beautiful goal I've ever seen.

Was the ruling on the offsides legitimate? Because it went off a Gopher skate it was ok?

The gophers literally just let Michigan skate free in the Gopher zone and have so many unforced turnovers.

On Michigan's last goal, Knies gave the puck away twice.

AGAIN, they cannot clear the puck and it's in the net.. as I'm typing.

Brodzinski just keeps stumbling over the puck...

They cannot get the puck out of their zone... very frustrating to watch as Michigan is winning all the races to the puck.

Nothing to see here folks, just Gophers choking during another big game.

Lose 4-3. Get completely outplayed when the chips are down. Rinse, repeat. Gopher pucks in a nutshell. NCAA tourney favorite? I dare them to prove it.

The better team did not win
Ummmm, the better team tonight did win the game sorry...

I'm as big of a Gopher fan as there is BUT this was a game Michigan outplayed the Gophers... they spent much more time in the Gopher zone than in the Michigan zone. They shut the Gophers down in their own zone and that was the difference IMO.
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Sometime between now and the NCAA tournament, we need to find a way to avoid defensive zone turnovers, and for our defensemen to be stronger when we get pinned in our own end. Too much puck watching and not enough moving bodies.

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