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NWS has down-graded the amount of snow expected in my area (Cottonwood County) to 2-3."

But, just looking out the window, I'd say we've gotten about 2" already at 3:30pm. the real test will be when the winds pick up the next couple of days. lot of schools already calling off for Thursday. out here in the flat lands, give us 3-4" of snow and a 25-30 mph wind, and you can't see your hand in front of your face.

(I need a couple things from the grocery story. contemplating shoveling the sidewalk and walking to Hy Vee. It's about 6 blocks, so might be easier walking than driving....)

Cheyenne dropped over 30 degrees in about 10 minutes and 40 degrees over 30 minutes.


Wonder what the weather would be if we had eliminated fossil fuels 20 years ago.

Go Gophers!!

I drive through Wyoming a bunch on my way to and from hunting in SD. Wyoming is just whack; 6000 ft elevation and 40mph winds about sums it up. I've seen a 1.5" snowfall result in black ice on I-80 and semi-trucks overturned in the ditch every mile or two

I'd guess we ended up with about 7 inches in the northern St. Paul suburbs.

Cottonwood County has pulled their snowplows off the County roads due to lack of visibility.

Doesn't look so bad in town, but once you get out in the country, I guess it's pretty nasty.

Windom Airport reporting Winds - West at 24-35mph. Wind Chill (-38).

and the winds are not supposed to slow down until Saturday.

SW MN is shut down. I-90 closed from SD border to Blue Earth.
State Highways are closed including Highway 60 & Highway 71, plus all the 'secondary' State Highways.

up in West-Central MN, the highways are open but MN-DOT saying "travel not advised."

Buffalo is getting it again. Many feet of snow to go along with hurricane force winds. People along the lake were boarding up buildings like they were on the Florida coast.

My father-in-law lives in the area but far enough away that he shouldn’t get a huge amount of snow. Truly dangerous situation.


Update from SW MN --
EDIT - I-90 closed from SD border to Albert Lea due to blizzard conditions as of 2pm Friday.

all state highways remain closed. have to get to Mankato to find highways that are open - but they are "travel not advised."

I went out and shoveled my driveway and sidewalk this morning.
temp (-9) with winds NW 30-44 mph. Wind chill (-38).

it was a little brisk.........
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Wind gusts of up to 51mph reported at Windom airport.

go to and check out some of the weather cams in SW MN.

Really heartbreaking. The is probably the worst possible timing for a big storm like this.
What a horrible way to pass.

I’m going to root for the Bills, that city needs some good vibes

Next storm to keep an eye on around Tuesday. GFS & Euro are currently about 200 miles apart on the path of the low, with the Euro favoring more snow for southern MN and GFS to the north.


The west continues to get much needed rain and snow, and it looks like that will continue for awhile.


The west continues to get much needed rain and snow, and it looks like that will continue for awhile.

Hopefully anything and everything that feeds/melts into the Colorado River is getting hammered; maybe we can finally raise the level of Lake Mead a few feet so it's not so depressing. Might make it harder to find more bodies in barrels/drums though.

this system coming in Monday/Tuesday could be interesting.

Predictions are all over the map on the track of the storm and amount of precipitation. But in some scenarios, we could see some major snowfall amounts in MN.

Monday - 3:15pm.

Starting to get some freezing rain/sleet in SW MN.

forecast is for 7 to 12" of snow in my area by Tuesday night. Up around Marshall, talking about possibility of up to 18" of snow by Tuesday night.

went to grocery store and stocked up on Friday just in case I get snowed in.

Heading out for a few days in Miami tomorrow. If my flight gets canceled because of weather that'll just show that the shit sandwich of 2022 that I had is being upgraded to a footlong.

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