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And yes, I get it.

This is a purposeful play to promote DTA to the large majority of fans, who have never heard of GH or DTA.


If you’re leaving the team, you make an announcement. Thank the coaches, fans, God, etc.

If you’re not leaving, then no announcement needed. You’ll just be — of course — assumed coming back.

That’s how it has worked just fine with transferring for many years. Transferring is not new

Transferring without have to sit out a season is quite new and probably the reason for the "I'm staying" announcements. Wonder how many "are you staying" questions these guys get on a regular basis?

@MNVCGUY I know you’re way too smart to fall for that circular logic. Unless you want to fall for it, which you can do you.

Every single one of Walley, D Jackson, and Ersery was on the team in 2022 and …. *holy S!* came back to the team in 2023!! Whoaaaaa!!

They would’ve come back from 23 to 24 if DTA didn’t even exist.

I don't think you understand what circular logic is.

We do enjoy when you double down on bad takes though!

Yep....too often fans just assume players are going to the highest bidder. And while that is definitely the case sometimes, a smart player is looking at more than just the dollar signs and making sure they put themselves in the best position for success not just a quick payday.

Here is the thing...I think if the numbers are in the same ballpark you are correct. I wanted to go to the U of M all of my life and even when my HS screwed up and I got wait listed I still chose to go there over going to any number of schools that would have let me in no questions asked. My dad went to the U, I was going to the U. (and boy did that cause me some anguish over the years!)

But, if in the middle of my sophomore year the University of Washington (just a random school) called me and offered me a scholarship and a 100k stipend to move and do the same work/major along with whatever other perks I can earn over time, I am considering that deal no matter what. While that isn't FU money, that is enough to fund a move and put some money away for the future or help my parents out a bit. Now if the U comes back and offers similar I likely stay but it isn't cut and dried unless I really feel like moving there would be detrimental to my work.

I get not everyone is about maximizing their money all things being equal, but if you are in college and someone is throwing around 6 figures or some of the other clickbait numbers we hear while the other school is offering significantly less I highly doubt you are going to stay just because you think you fit more...especially if the other program is having more success. It is the same thing we see with 4 and 5 star players going to top end programs stacked with as good or better players instead of the programs they could be the star of.

But thankfully, this isn't the worry that many think it is :) Of course the fact we even have to discuss all of this is annoying...

Coming back to the team, when you have eligibility left and aren’t looking at leaving early for the NFL ……. is just expected. It’s just normal.

It doesn’t need any announcement.

This stuff is off the rails and down the side of the mountain, right now.

Can you imagine NFL players putting out Tweets saying “Hey everyone, I’m coming back to the team!! To fulfill the 2nd year of my 5 year contract!!”

I understand what you're saying. but at the same time, the portal and NIL have changed college football. you cannot just assume that every player is going to return. because a significant percentage of them are not going to return. over 1,000 players between FBS and FCS entered the portal on the 1st day. like it or not, today's players are operating in a different situation.

So, the announcements by returning Gopher players do two things: 1. end any speculation that a player (like Darius Taylor) may be thinking about leaving - and 2. allows the players to promote Dinkytown Athletes, which will benefit the program if they can get more people to donate.

in short, it allows returning players to send a positive message that they support the program and want fans to support the program. I don't think that's a bad thing. it's just different.

(I do PA for HS basketball games. during games this year, I'm reading an announcement that fans can use credit cards, google pay or apple pay - to make purchases at the concessions stand! now, that's different.)

Bought my first 12 pack of Duck Duck Beer and enjoyed some during the second half of the basketball game tonight. As far as beer goes its not half bad.

I wonder if the corporate partnership success will lead to changes with how schools work with their 3rd party sales vendors. The U - like many schools - uses Learfield. If I'm 3M, CHS, Land o Lakes (name the partner), I'm a bit annoyed that companies can work outside Learfield/the school and generate positive publicity and sales through Gopher athletics.

Perhaps there will be a new model where a portion of the partnerships can be directed to DTA? Obviously Learfield will not want to lose a cut of their revenue, but it would reflect how college athletics have evolved. And I would assume because Learfield is not technically the University, all of this would be at arm's length and not violate NCAA rules?

Bought my first 12 pack of Duck Duck Beer and enjoyed some during the second half of the basketball game tonight. As far as beer goes its not half bad.
sounds like you need to drink duck duck all the time based on how the gophers played while you drank it

Received an email from DTA that is promoting an event at Pour House downtown MPLS. It's a chance to do a meet and greet with some Gopher athletes and also discuss this year's signing class.

I do miss the Gopher Signing Social at the stadium and lunches before B1G games at Jax.

I am curious what % DTA gets in general DTA merch. If I decide to buy every family member a $30 t-shirt…do they get like $4/shirt or $24 or ???

I don’t need to know how much they have in the coffers but I’m more likely to buy gear if I know the %s

I do miss the Gopher Signing Social at the stadium and lunches before B1G games at Jax.

Signing day social. Burns + players. Solid event. But $25

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