2023-2024 College Basketball Other Games Thread

I think Collins is worse.

I get why Gard was screaming a bunch at the end. I think the calls ended up being right but they were close.
We had a good view of Collins at the game Saturday and he scowled and threw up his hands in disgust nearly every time the Gophers scored. He also often berated NU players as they came off the floor, which seems to be a growing trend among coaches. Coaching is one thing, but public berating seems uncalled for.

OSU and Michigan pretty much have half the WW spots wrapped up at this point, I'd think.

According to my research, it was January 29th, 2011 against Purdue.
B1G on CBS is the equivalent of SNF on NBC for the NFL. Only teams that either do really well year before or biggest market teams get put on there. Always the same: Ohio State Mich Mich St Purdue Indiana and Wisconsin

Appalachian State goes after their 9th straight win today on the road at Texas State. The Mountaineers (19-4 10-1) have beaten James Madison twice. Only Sun Belt conference loss was to Troy on the road.

Big game in the Big South today for High Point. The Panthers have won 12 straight and 17 of their last 18 under first year head coach Alan Huss. Quite a start. They are visiting 2nd place UNC Ashville.
Thiam is averaging 11 points, 3.5 rebounds and 1 assist per game. Has started every game and averages about 27 minutes.

Huge loss for Utah State last night falling to Nevada at home. Mountain West is jammed up at the top.
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This is michigan. I think theyve won the first half and got boat raced the second half in almost every one of their losses
They’re the complete opposite of the Gophers. Good 1st halves, terrible 2nd.

Is it possible to have trap game when you’ve lost two in a row?

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