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    If seating is limited this year, how does that impact season ticket holders?

    Go to a pharmacy for your shot. Much easier and better managed than state sponsored venues.
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    Thoughts on % chance that we can attend 2021 games at TCF, let's see predictions

    [justQUOTE="TruthSeeker, post: 2156162, member: 8524"] Less than 10%. Variants will render early vaccinations worthless. You people who refuse to stay at home and wear masks in the
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    A Gopher wins Reusse's 2020 Turkey of the Year award

    SON has always been a Ruesse backer and a non business mentality .
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    This CF season is pointless

    So you have the TV revenue number for us?
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    This CF season is pointless

    Not pointless: $$ for the strapped Athletic Departments
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    Preston Jelen

    Let’s give Jason Williamson a try
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    High school football returns to Minnesota this fall

    Wonder what the MSHL saw differently now versus August? Good move but why the overreach to cancel to spring?
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    All Things COVID-19 College Football Impact

    With new rapid testing available, in theory, everyone on the practice or playing field doesn’t have Covid right?
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    Ohio State QB Justin Fields starts petition to relaunch Big Ten season

    You are not familiar with the horrible job Walz did with Nursing Homes here in Minnesota?
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    STrib: What if the Gophers played North Dakota State?

    Putting Reusse into the thought process says it all. Please stop.
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    All Things COVID-19 College Football Impact

    Walz is not doing a good job with Covid. Worst death rate in the five state area, zero foresight in preparing nursing homes and meat processing plants. Now it seems he is doubling down on the “ worst is yet to come” thinking with a new projection from the grad students. Sorry- I’m not hopeful...
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    Shama: Gophers’ Assistant Coach Star Recruiter

    Coach H was a great find for Gopher Football!
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    Start up Spring Practice now

    Note that both Iowa and North Dakota University systems have announced on campus classes for the fall.

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