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    Critical Race Theory

    Maybe if he was better at generaling and less woke we’d be winning wars these past twenty years. At the Fort Benning School for boys you learn how to engage, close with and destroy the enemy. When the ramp goes down you don’t give a shit if the men beside you are a Puerto Rican from the Bronx or...
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    Thanks Newt
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    New movie about Baron Von Raschke aka The Claw

    The interviews with Marty O’Neill, Rodger Kent, Al Derusha and later Mean Gene Okerlund were more entertaining than anything that happened within the “squared circle”
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    You’re getting a little too philosophical. This isn’t all that hard to figure out. democrats are for open borders because they know about 75% of these illegals will eventually vote for them. If the percentages were opposite they’d be shutting down the border faster than Gavin newsome closing...
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    Former Twins pitcher Jim Mudcat Grant dies at 85

    Nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass at Metropolitan Stadium on a summer night. Knothole gang under the left field pavilion begging for autographs pregame and 25 cent frostymalts
  6. N why they hate Matt Gaetz.

    Fao Chi is a no brainer. He’s already got the Chicom sympathizer block checked.
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    The new right wing

    Can you please provide us the military’s definition of extremism?
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    Leftists next target: Medicine

    Can you tell me one thing he’s been right about the past 16 months? Don’t tell me hand washing my birthing person taught me frequent hand washing techniques
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    D-DAY +77

    I did not take the tram tour the last time I was there but just wandered around and found Joe Louis grave as well as Lee Marvin and Glenn Miller. I knew Marvin was a marine in WW2 but not that he was a Purple Heart recipient. Miller’s body was never recovered so his daughter petitioned for the...
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    D-DAY +77

    I don’t think my dad or uncle would appreciate being lumped in with leftist anarchist douchbags.
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    D-DAY +77

    I wouldn’t bet the farm on it
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    Report: Alex Rodriguez wants to move the Timberwolves to Seattle

    I’m going with Jack Sikma. First of the three ball Big men
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    Biden Daily Covid Death Tracker

    We were doing pretty well until President Malaise left us with his legacy bureaucracy the Department of Education in 1980. Sucking up 80 billion a year and educating no one.
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    Voter Suppression efforts in full swing

    Perkins-Coie pee pee tape guy and Rick Majerus doppelgänger sans Majerus talent.
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    Voter Suppression efforts in full swing

    The same Dan Rather who aired a broadcast based on forged fraudulent documents resulting in his termination? He should probably sit this one out

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