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    Gopher 22-23 Transfer Portal Needs/Watch List

    What are you talking about here. I never complained about or called out any players for being hurt or any programs for that matter. You have the wrong guy quoted here. I was only commenting on a player having potential interest in playing for the Gophers. Never said a bad word about SD or South...
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    Gopher 22-23 Transfer Portal Needs/Watch List

    She should reach out to the recruiting coordinator or staff person that handles film and inquiries. A stretch 4 that can shoot, a good passer, and has length, never a bad idea. This information should be available on Gophersports. Do some follows on Twitter. You never know, there may end up...
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    Brock Annexstad in the Portal

    I'm guessing, Bishop or Stapp will be used on punt returns. Good luck to Brick Annexstad.
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    Gopher Watch: The 2022 NFL Draft!

    Blaise should go in 7th round, but he would be better off as UDFA.
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    Mar’Keise Irving enters the transfer portal

    He said he wants to take care of his mom. We need a Gopherholer to win Powerball. So that you can piss away money on silly stuff like NIL.
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    Oberg Coming Home

    Just having a post that can play with their back to the basket and pass or score is big help. Welcome home Destinee Oberg, thank you for being a Gopher!
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    From PioPress: Athan, O-line, injuries, safeties

    Carrol is a right tackle not left tackle.
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    Carly Thibault-Dudonis Named Fairfield Head Coach

    I know but a guy can dream right? Peterson would really help grow the program and help coach the post. I wish someone with some Neices or Cousins from her WNBA days would come on board with the program.
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    Carly Thibault-Dudonis Named Fairfield Head Coach

    If we're going unconventional as replacement, how about Jim Peterson as associate head coach. Was dang good assistant for the Lynx, coached while Whalen was still playing. Peterson is an Alumn so maybe he would be willing to help give back to the U and coach Whalen.
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    Deja Winters invited to Aces training camp

    That's cool. I hope she makes a good enough impression to earn a chance to play in some games.
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    Carly Thibault-Dudonis Named Fairfield Head Coach

    Glad for Carly Thibault-DuDonis, sad for the Gophers, she is a good coach.

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