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    Game 9: Gophers Host Kentucky (12-7-22)

    No. I thought the best thing to happen for KY was when the starter, Adeyeye, got into foul trouble and they put in Petty. Petty was nothing but trouble for us, both on the boards and scoring.
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    The Athletic: 12 Questions

    I suspect KY will be paying attention....
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    B1G Game 1: Gophers Host Penn State (12-3-22)

    So did they let fans in from the volleyball arena for free? Noticed at halftime a lot people were coming in from there. And it seemed like the crowd in Williams Arena nearly doubled as the game moved on from halftime. If they weren't ticket holders, maybe they will be in the future after...
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    Game 7 Gophers Host Wake Forest (11-30-22)

    Liked the defensive effort. 3rd quarter, we were standing around too much on offense. Starting moving again in the 4th quarter. I think this young team is still learning to play at a much higher and intense level than HS.
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    Game 7 Gophers Host Wake Forest (11-30-22)

    Looking at their roster, they are much deeper (and generally taller) than the Gophers in the forward position. Hopefully we are faster and more adept at scoring.
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    Game 5: Gophers visit Virginia (11-26-22)

    Spectrum has ACCN. But showing a football game at 2:30
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    Holloway out for the season

    I was afraid of something like this. Which is why hoped they’d pulled at least one more from the portal.
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    Rand and Youngblood discuss Lynx and Gophers WBB 9:00: Star Tribune women's basketball writer Kent Youngblood joins the show to offer his perspectives on all the things that have gone wrong for the 3-12 Lynx this season...
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    Gopher 22-23 Transfer Portal Needs/Watch List

    Perhaps she thought she wanted to be done and then began to realize she wants to play one more year after all. And getting it paid for doesn't hurt either...
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    Randball interview of Coaches Whalen and Johnson

    Discuss the portal and other changes seen by both.
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    Gopher 22-23 Transfer Portal Needs/Watch List

    Sort of in line with this thread...I had to chuckle when I got this email from the Gophers marketing dept.: Head Coach Lindsay Whalen and Gopher Women's Basketball have their coaching staff finalized with new addition Marwan Miller, now there's only one thing missing...YOU! Commit to...
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    Gopher 22-23 Transfer Portal Needs/Watch List

    Notable since this player is a forward and originally from MN (and returning home is an oft repeated theme):
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    Other B1G Team Notes 2022-23

    Not everyone from Detroit is going to Tennessee....
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    Other B1G Team Notes 2022-23
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    Marwan Miller Hired as Assistant Coach

    I think we need 12 to weather injuries which always seem to happen.

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