5 Things to Know about Miami of Ohio!

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  1. Their last game did not go so well against Cincinnati. 

Who knew Miami had a long storied rivalry with Cincinnati? The 125th meeting by these teams didn’t go so well for Miami of Ohio. By halftime, Cincinnati was easily up against Miami 35-0  and only allowed 130 yards compared to 395 by the Bearcats. At the end of the game, Miami averaged 3.8 yards a run and 3.3 yards a pass and got beat 49-14. 

  1. They return a bunch of starters but ESPN SP+ doesn’t favor their production. 

According to ESPN SP+, the Redhawks offense is returning 75% of their production from last year which ranks 51st in the nation. Their defense production is at 48% which ranks 118th in the nation. In a season where a majority of teams’ SP+ production is high, due to the NCAA giving a free year to players, Miami doesn’t benefit like other teams according to ESPN SP+.

  1. Their Wide Receivers have talent. 

They aren’t on the same level as who the Gophers played last week in Ohio State receivers Olave and Wilson. They do, however, return some talented wideouts; Jack Sorenson was 2nd Team All-Conference last year and Mac Hippenhammer showed promise last week against Cincinnati with 3 catches for 64 yards.  Their WR room didn’t lose anybody from last year. 

  1. Projected starter could still be out with an injury. 

Brett Gabbert, whose brother Blaine is in the NFL, was projected to be the starting QB this season. He has had a rough fall camp and is still banged up. First, he injured his knee at the beginning of camp and then when he returned, he hit his thumb on a helmet in practice and didn’t play last week versus Cincinnati. AJ Mayer started in his place and had a rough day, going 9-28 for 109 yards. 

  1. Why is it called Miami OF Ohio?

I don’t know about you, but I always wondered this myself so I did some digging. Miami was established in 1809, more than a century before Miami University (Fla.) in 1925. Miami is actually the 10th oldest public university in the United States and the foundations were laid by approval of President George Washington. Located in Oxford, Ohio, Miami University is located in the Miami Valley where the Miami Native Americans resided. So really, we should start saying Miami of FLORIDA. 

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