Two-Sport Star Chiddi Obiazor Hoping For Big Summer

Chiddi Obiazor, a 6-foot-6  junior forward/tight end from Eden Prairie (MN) High is one of the top two-sport athletes in Minnesota. He helped lead the Eagles to the recent Class AAAA state boy’s basketball tournament and also shines on the gridiron.


Obiazor scored in double figures in 29 of 30 games this season and averaged 18.5 points per game as the Eagles finished 19-12. He scored 20 or more points in 14 contests, including a season-high 29 points versus Minnetonka.


Obiazor averaged 16.1 points per game as a sophomore, scoring in double figures in 17 of 19 games and had 20 or more points in five contests. He had a career high of 33 points against Prior Lake. Eden Prairie finished 12-7, losing to Chaska 48-45 in the Section 2AAAA semifinals.


Obiazor is also a standout on the Eagles’ football team and helped lead Eden Prairie to the Class 6A semifinals.


GopherHole recently caught up with Obiazor after AAU practice with D1 Minnesota to learn more about his recruitment, upcoming AAU season and making it to the state tournament.


GopherHole: You had a really good season and made it to the state tournament. How pleased were you with how well the Eagles did this past season?


Chiddi Obiazor: I was excited to make the state tournament. A lot of people said that we weren’t going to beat Shakopee (in the section finals). Happy that we made it to the state tournament. Wish we could have gone farther.


GopherHole: Was that frustrating, because you guys started out really well and you were up 20-19 against Eastview in the state tournament before they went on a big run?


Chiddi Obiazor: We had a couple of games where we couldn’t put down our shots, so we knew what could happen, if we didn’t put down our shots. We tried to overcome that by playing better defense and getting rebounds.


GopherHole: Does that add a little more urgency to get back there next year?


Chiddi Obiazor: We lose out senior class (four starters) from last year, but we have a good group coming back. I hope that we can make it back to state and do some more next year.


GopherHole: How about your own play? I thought you played extremely well, especially against Shakopee. How pleased were you with your own individual play this year?


Chiddi Obiazor: I felt that I played great, but having a team around me that can all shoot, definitely opened it all up for me and made it a lot easier.


GopherHole: How about AAU? What are you hoping to show college coaches this spring and summer?


Chiddi Obiazor: Not being the biggest player on my team, so being more versatile. Playing not only in the post, but on the wing and my shot, too.


GopherHole: Is that kind of nice, because in college, you are not going to be a center, where you are at Eden Prairie since you were the biggest player on the team?


Chiddi Obiazor: Yes, it is nice that I don’t have to be the biggest player. Guard the biggest players and always play in the post. Having people on my team with more size.


GopherHole: Do you think that is going to help you as a player because now you have the ability to play inside, but hopefully you’ll continue to work on your outside game?


Chiddi Obiazor: Yes, it is going to help me develop a better overall game.


GopherHole: I know that you are also playing football. Have you got a chance to go to any spring practices or junior days?


Chiddi Obiazor: I’ve only been to the U of M, but I’ve been invited to like five, but I can’t make it out because I am busy with basketball.


GopherHole: Is that kind of tough because I know that you want to be place, but you also want to play AAU?


Chiddi Obiazor: It’s tough, but most of the coaches understand.


GopherHole: Are you going to try to go to some football camps this summer?


Chiddi Obiazor: This summer in June, we basically have the whole month off. That’s when I’ll be at most of the camps.


GopherHole: Do you know which camps you want to go to?


Chiddi Obiazor: I’m going to the Iowa camp, TCU camp and a few others.


GopherHole: How about Minnesota? What are you hearing from the Gophers for football?


Chiddi Obiazor: The coach is really pleased with the way I play. He said that he is going to come out and watch me this summer and maybe give me an offer. They want to see me in the pads, because they have a new coaching staff.


GopherHole: The Gophers are the hometown school. What would it mean to maybe have the chance to play for the hometown school?


Chiddi Obiazor: It would be great, to just stay home. Not far. I don’t know if I want to go too far, so it would be nice to stay home with my family.


GopherHole: How many offers do you have for football? I know that you had Ohio early.


Chiddi Obiazor: I have Ohio and they came to watch me play basketball and offered me. I have an offer from Hampton for basketball.


GopherHole: What is it going to mean to have the opportunity to play Division I sports?


Chiddi Obiazor: From a little kid, that has been my dream and not coming out of a family with the most money, it is a way for me to go to college for free with my tution.


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