Recap of P.J. Fleck’s GLC luncheon on National Signing Day

Spencer Alvarez – very very large human being. He got hurt his junior year. He is going to be a tight end, possibly grow into OT. His parents love wine, which we have in common! He’s a legacy player.

Maverick Baranowski – He was committed the Air Force with that name. We found a way to make him a Gopher. He’s from Florida and came this past weekend. We had 11 inches of a dusting. Minnesota is embracing it, nothing to hide. 3 sport athlete, he’s a volleyball player and very talented at volleyball…from what I know. 4.5 GPA.

Ashton Beers – from the state of WI. His parents are Badgers and now his son’s a Gopher! We put them through the security check and now they’re Gophers. He’s going to be a large human being who’s light on his feet and can move.

Trey Bixby. Speaking of diehard Gophers, this man grew up dreaming of being a Gopher. Minnesota to Ohio and back to Minnesota. This young man is going to be sacking QB’s for a long time. Highest ranked recruit in the state of MN.

Coleman Bryson – Mid-year transfer. Talk about a true leader, he came up here 3 times and paid his own way on unofficial visits to make sure it was the right place. We weren’t allowed in January and May in recruit, because of the Covid rules. He’s coming midyear.

Cade Cozemius – Another legacy player, his Dad is a legacy player, Justin and Dana his mom. 3 year old kid singing the Minnesota rouser. Reminds you of the Barber family. He’s come to camp every single year.

Zach Evans – Running Back. He got hurt his junior year, phenomenal senior season. You just can’t have enough tailbacks, so just keep ’em coming. He’s a very very very powerful leader in everything he does. Fleck got an hour long interview with Grandma…finally, after an hour Grandma gave me a smile.

Joey Gerlach – Linebacker. Another late developer that we had in camp that we just needed to see his senior year. 3 sport athlete, you know how much I love 3 sports. Wonderful person, incredible student. He was unphased by the blizzard.

Aidan Gousby – One of the top 70 wideouts in the country. We’re going to take him and move him to corner, but not only for us, but for him. We’ve gotta be able to create and fill some gaps. People who have never been here, say I never thought I’d like it this much. There’s so much here at the University of Minnesota once you arrive on campus.

Max Grand – Another camper, came to camp over and over and dreamed of being a Gopher. We want guys that want to be gophers, it’s not about convincing guys to go here.

Kristen Hoskins: The 1st time I met him, he said “what’s up Fleck?” He’s explosive, dynamic, he’s going to have no problem talking to the media. This young man has overcome a lot of adversity. He’s fast. Mr. Minnesota finalist. He will be here in the summer.

Nathan Jones – BIG CAT! Big physical tight end, 6’5, 240lbs, he’s in the state championship tomorrow. As we were approaching his school, it says Road…but his said ROLL Nathan. He comes from a school full of trophies. There was a basketball tournament going on at 9:30am on a Weds., class was optional. There’s a full house packed to the brim. The entire elementary school is on one side of the court in the stands. Sports are REALLY important.

Rhyland Kelly – Long physical corner. We get him from day one. We saw him at the Florida State football camp. He’s very close to his Mom. He got on the phone, told him what he was going to do, and if he could…and she started crying. It lasted about a half an hour, it was really a achievement. He was a state champ as well. This guy can really run, and he can really cover.

Jacob Knuth- Gatorade player of the year in South Dakota. He led his team to their 1st state championship. We want winners, this guy is a winner. Very close family, a QB family.

Cade McConnell – OL. He was offered early on by us, and as the system played itself out, we got him out for a visit. His Mom was a nurse so couldn’t visit, we went down to see her. He comes from a football family. He came up here, it was done right after he left.

Tony Nelson – 6’6 close to 300lbs, broad jumps over 9 feet. That’s a long way out there. He throws the shot 60 feet. Impressive distance. He came to camp, in-state. There’s a lot of big people in the state of Minnesota. He was so versatile at that type of size. Big usually wins. He dreamed of being a Golden Gopher.

Evan Redding – from WI, but we’ll look past that. Another camper that loved being at camp numerous times. We know his brother, we know the type of work ethic we’re getting from them. He’ll join us in the summer.

Hayden Schwartz – we were the last visit, and it all seemed to fit together. 2nd time he came to MN, blizzard weekend and loved it. Polite young man, but will rip your face off on the field. He’s the most genuine human being…but again, on the filed he will rip your face off. He’s coming here mid-year. I’ve never heard a young man talk about his parents the way he did.

Anthony Smith – This guy is an absolute freak. He wanted to commit, but his Mom had a responsibility to check with like 25 people. She didn’t think he’d like it as much, and he fell in love with it. This guy is an absolute stud. He’s a great basketball player.

Ryan Stapp – This guy was one of the most sought after corners in the portal. Incredibly fast. One of the hottest transfer in the portal market. A common thing we’re looking for is the return game. With the return, we can do something really special. He’ll be here in January.

Tariq Watson – This guy ran a 10.49 hundred meters. This guy can really flat out fly. The one word I’d describe him is “curious.” If you’re ever in a mood for a conversation, ask Tariq. Thirst for knowledge. He had a rough stuff to his senior year, Hurricane Ida, his family was really hit hard and they had to relocate. Talk about perseverance, you’d think nothing effected his family, his smile like nothing happen. Did I mention he can really run ?

Ike White – His team has dozens of players going D1…doesn’t have a ton of catches, because there are so many playmakers on his team. He’s got incredible ball skills. If we like you as a wideout, and they get the ball more than you, and he’s the best teammate he can be. He wasn’t ok not getting the ball, he thirsts getting it, but he was a great teammate. Daniel Jackson skill set.

I want to thank you for the atmosphere you created against Wisconsin. We want to give you the best experience, hopefully you’ll join us all in Arizona. We’re very excited about it. We’ve got practice 6 coming up already tomorrow


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