How To Use Strategy When Playing Blackjack

Blackjack casino games are a brilliant way to unwind at the end of the day. Although it is a physically relaxing game, it’s mentally stimulating and requires some knowledge and strategy to win.

There are plenty of strategies available for purchase through ebooks and such, but before you learn those, make sure you’re familiar with the strategy for hard and soft hands. These guidelines are not guaranteed to make you win, but they should help you navigate the game better.

You Need To Know

The Rules Of Blackjack Casino Games

There are many variants of Blackjack casino games available to play, so pay attention to the rules of the specific game you’re playing. Generally, most of the rules are similar, and the most critical rule of getting close to 21 is consistent in all. Don’t go over 21 with the sum of your cards.

When To Stay In Blackjack

It can be tricky to learn when to stay while playing blackjack casino games. Just one number can set you over the limit and bust your hand. Paying attention to the cards on the table makes it easy to figure out the cards left in the deck. If there are more face cards in play, then you know there aren’t many left in the deck.

Counting Cards

Counting cards is not illegal in many casinos, but it’s up to the casinos to decide how much they let you win. Casinos have the right to refuse service to anyone, so it’s best not to draw too much attention to yourself while playing, or you risk being thrown off the property, and perhaps even banned.

Dealer’s Hand

In most blackjack casino games, the Dealer must follow a strict set of rules that dictate when they can hit or stand. The rules are slightly different in some variants and give the Dealer more freedom to choose when to hit. Generally, dealers are advised to hit until they reach at least 17, and stand on 18 and higher.

On the contrary, players have complete freedom to choose when to hit and when to stay. The Dealer can’t dictate the moves of the player except to end the hand. The following are essential strategies for hitting, splitting, and doubling your hand in blackjack casino games.

Hard Hand Blackjack Strategy

This basic Blackjack casino game strategy is best if you do not have an ace in your hand.

  • 8 or less: always hit
  • 9: double if Dealer shows 3-6. Else, hit
  • 10: double if Dealer shows 2-9. Otherwise, hit
  • 11: double if Dealer shows 2-10. If they’re showing anything else, hit
  • 12: stand if Dealer shows 4-6. If they’re showing 2-3, hit
  • 13-16: stand if Dealer shows 2-6. If they’re showing anything else, hit
  • 17 +: always stand

Soft Hand Blackjack Strategy

This Blackjack casino game strategy is best if you have an ace in your hand.

A+2 or 3: double if Dealer has 5 or 6. Otherwise, hit

A+4 or 5: double if Dealer has 4 -6. If they’re showing anything else, hit

A+6: double if Dealer has 3-6. If not, hit

A+7: stand if Dealer has 2, 7, or 8, double if they have 3-6. If they have anything else, hit

A+8 or 9: always stand.

Splitting Doubles

After years of playing, players have determined a general strategy on the best times to split doubles. When you split doubles, you are separating your hand into two hands, and you have to place a bet on the new hand that is equal to your original hand, You then play those as separate hands.

There are many blackjack charts out there that you can bring with you to the casino, including some you buy from the casino itself. It’s faster to learn the general strategy or guideline of what to do when you reach specific numbers.

Generally, split if you have doubles that bring your sum higher than ten and the Dealer has a face card lower than ten. Splitting amounts higher than 10 is a smart strategy because it gives you double the chances of getting closer to 21.

Doubling Down

You’ll want to consider doubling down if you believe that your hand can beat the Dealer, and you only need one more card. This wager doubles the amount of your bet, and as mentioned, only allows you one more card.

If you have an ace, you have a bit more leeway when doubling down because the ace can be defined as either 11 or 1. It’s generally smart to double down on hard hands of 8-11, and on soft hands of 13-18.

Insurance Bet

The insurance bet is a side bet in Blackjack casino games. It’s a long shot and a big gamble unless you have a high bankroll and are very confident with the cards in play. The insurance bet is only available when the Dealer’s face-up card is an Ace.

When you bet half of your original stake on the insurance bet in blackjack casino games, you are paying for insurance in case the Dealer’s other card creates a blackjack. If the Dealer is successful, you win 2 to 1. The odds of this bet occurring around 9 to 4, so it’s vital that you are confident in the lack of face cards in play.


So there you have it! Now that you’ve gone through the basic guidelines and strategies of playing blackjack casino games, you are ready to start practicing and perfecting your new-found skills! By knowing when to split and double down, you’ll be able to make informed decisions that will maximize your potential wins.

If you use the hard and soft hand strategies laid out in this blackjack casino game strategy, you’ll have a handle on the game in no time!

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