WR Dallas Sims commits

I like this commit a lot if we can end up holding on to him. Great size and if he has the athletic ability to go along with it, he could be a game changer one day.

Love it! Looks like he is playing in Florida next year?

Plays in Florida so he should already be adjusted to the American rules. Illegal motion penalties should remain low.

Wide position clearly a position of need. Plenty of playing time for those willing to learn and play hard. Welcome!

He is from the same school we got Rhyland Kelly and Tyrell Lawrence from. Pipeline developing!

Also had been getting a lot of interest from Florida State and Tennessee as well recently.

Pumped on his commitment!

The more I look into this class the more excited I'm getting... Some sneaky good recruits so far

Only 110% committed? Shaky, IYAM.

Only 110% committed? Shaky, IYAM.


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