Women's Hockey 2023-24 Season -- Part 2: The Regular Season

Huge series coming up Friday and Saturday against Ohio State, at Minnesota. #1 in the nation plays #2 in the nation.


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Gophers goaltender Skylar Vetter was named WCHA Goaltender of the Week:



Congrats to Layla Hemp of Minnetonka and USA Hockey!

Gophers into the future will be loaded at goaltender. Layla Hemp committed to Minnesota Gophers.

Gophers lately rotate goaltenders. That's great to have but you need two good ones to do that. Gophers do and will in the future.


BOTH Skylar Vetter and Lucy Morgan named to National Goaltender of the Year Award Watch List



This Ohio State team is excellent. Fast. Excellent shooting. Picked off some errant passes.

Both teams tops.

Ohio State twice got the rebound for a fairly easy score well placed because no defender on it.
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Ohio State goaltender having a standout night.

Abbey Murphy just got pasted. Penalty to Ohio State.

And then Abbey Murphy gets herself sent to the box for roughing.

This Ohio State team is the best I've seen this season. Little room.for error for them, and tonight their shooting is going to the right places. Very sharp. Gophers have best not as sharp and their shots stopped by a hot goaltender.
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Game started more open, fast skating. Then the roughing came in. Now one player from each team in the box.

Whoa! And now Murphy pasted not called. Oh, they are calling it.

4 on 3.

This Ohio State team is fast, tough, and sharp shooting. No room for error playing them. I think the only way that team loses is to have an off night. Hot shooting doesn't happen every game of the year. We are seeing that with the Wisconsin sharpshooters too who slipped from 1 to 3.

This Ohio State team is fast, tough, and sharp shooting. No room for error playing them. I think the only way that team loses is to have an off night. Hot shooting doesn't happen every game of the year. We are seeing that with the Wisconsin sharpshooters too who slipped from 1 to 3.
Ohio State and Wisconsin alternating championships with Gophers watching from their living rooms.

And just now an Ohio State player got only 2 minutes for the hard forearm to Murphy's neck... and Murphy to the box too for roughing.

Game over. The Ohio State fans here are whooping it up -- the players elated, huge smiles and elation. They came to town like a precision machine and smoked the Gophers.

Curious to see what tomorrow looks like.

The last series was about even both games.

Zero fuck8ng leadership. Saw this coming a mile away. I would like to say that this kind of loss will definitely light a fire underneath them, but I know we're probably gonna see the same kind of play from them tomorrow.

PWHL Adopts Jailbreak Rule, NHL Should Too (so pay attention)

If a team scores a shorthanded goal during a power play, the player in the box gets out. That's how the PWHL works. Score a goal and it's a jailbreak.

Players and Fans Like Women's Hockey More Physical (which has been a bit shocking for me to see this season in the WCHA but I admit it's exciting REAL hockey. I think there should be common sense: no fighting, punches, or hard slams because female bodies do not have the muscle mass needed to absorb blows that could possibly cause injury to even muscular men)

"On the ice, the game is physical. PWHL officials appear to be putting the whistles away as players throw their weight around along the boards.

“It’s nice to see, I know they really fought for that," Suzuki said. "The (players) are so strong and I think it definitely adds to the game."

"It seems like they're letting them play a little bit more, which is probably what everybody wants,” Nashville Predators defenceman Ryan McDonagh said. “When you're playing a physical game you're gonna run into each other at times, I think that'll be fun to see if that continues to stick.""

PWHL Points System is Innovative (I'm neutral on this)

"The PWHL rewards 3 points for a regulation win, 2 points for an overtime or shootout win, 1 point for an overtime/shootout loss, and 0 points for a regulation loss. This makes things a little bit different for everyone because it incentivizes winning during regulation.

How many hockey games move into the overtime period after both teams seem to have unconsciously agreed to take things to overtime? Once NHL teams hit overtime, they know that they’ll get at least one point. But what if there was an extra point for a team? Most teams would be hungry to add that third point to their season standings. It might also help cancel a few overtime periods for games. A little bit of added excitement at the end of a game? Sign me up. At that point, it would end up with 3 points for the winner and none for the loser. What a good feeling that would be, especially at home."

Former Gophers are #1 and #2 in Scoring so Far (and both tied for #1 in points)


Grace Zumwinkle

Taylor Heise

To the surprise of the Eastern media establishment, Minnesota is #1. Some projected that Minnesota would struggle to the bottom -- yea right.


(Ottawa-Boston had one game to-be-rescheduled due to winter travel)

Yea, Minnesota beat Boston, the darling of the East, then beat Montreal with the best player in women's hockey (or so we thought) Marie-Philip Poulin, and then beat the "Canadian flagship" Toronto team coached by Troy Ryan, the coach of Team Canada Women's National Hockey Team. Up next, the #1 media city in the world New York.


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Ohio State in the crease knocked down the Gopher goaltender to the ground, no call. Place disagreed. They gave Gophers 2 minute unsportsmanlike conduct.

And now Ohio State scores on the power play.

OSU skating circles around them, Gophers grabbing, slashing and holding them and still can't stop them. Pathetic performance all around from top to bottom.

Current standings in the WCHA. Wisconsin will likely surpass Minnesota is the polls, unless they lose tomorrow to St. Thomas (highly unlikely).


Poll standings as of last Tuesday (record shown is not current).


Clarkson's record is now 20-1-2. Gophers could drop to #4 in the polls. Colgate is 20-3-1.


Last year at this time Wisconsin fell apart. They also got beaten in the WCHA tournament. But they put together a run to win the NCAA Frozen Four Championship.

What matters for Minnesota is playing their best when the post-season comes around later.

Up next, Bemidji State.

Live audio for Friday's game:


Saturday's game is broadcast free:


The 2024 WCHA Final Faceoff conference tournament will be held at Ridder Arena at U of Minnesota:


Friday, March 8, 2024
Semifinal Game 1 – 1:00 p.m. CT
Semifinal Game 2 – 4:30 p.m. CT

Saturday, March 9, 2023
Championship Game (Semifinal 1 Winner vs. Semifinal 2 Winner) – 2 p.m. CT

Five teams are vying to get in. The other three (Minnesota State, Bemidji State and St Thomas) are longshots.


Last season the Gophers beat Wisconsin and Ohio State to win the WCHA tournament.

2023 Final Faceoff Results

This season, beating the veteran Ohio State team will be tough. Minnesota is still a young team while tOSU is a seasoned machine.

I said at the start of the season that this current young team may take a little while to come together, with the Gophers losing around 60% of scoring production to graduation. This team exceeded my expectations, up until this last weekend. tOSU last weekend is one of the best teams I've ever seen.

But a lot of things happen in hockey. No team is A+ hot every night. About a half dozen teams in the NCAA have a shot at taking down Ohio State. Wisconsin is also unbeatable when the snipers are placing their shots, but Wisconsin can't sustain that every game.

Stay tuned.

Saturday's game will be broadcast on Fox 9+.

An extension of the Twin Cities-based FOX 9 station, FOX 9+ includes a slate of seven regular season games, along with the 2023 WCHA Final Faceoff.

Saturday, Oct. 29: Minnesota at Ohio State – 2pm CT / 3pm ET
Saturday, Nov. 19: Minnesota at Wisconsin – 2pm
Saturday, Dec. 3: Minnesota at Minnesota State – 2pm
Saturday, Dec. 10: Minnesota at St. Cloud State – 3pm

Saturday, Jan. 21: Minnesota at Bemidji State – 2pm
Saturday, Jan. 28: Minnesota at Minnesota Duluth – 3pm

Friday, Feb. 18: Minnesota at St. Thomas – 6pm

Friday, March 3: WCHA Final Faceoff Semifinals – 1pm, 5pm
Saturday, March 4: WCHA Final Faceoff Championship – 2pm

FOX 9+, your ticket to local sports, can be found on Comcast channel 10/807, DirecTV channel 29, DISH channel 29, Spectrum channel 10, Mediacom channel 10/803, and Over-The-Air channel 9.2. In addition, FOX 9+ can be streamed through Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, fuboTV, and YouTube TV. To find your FOX 9+ channel number, click HERE: https://www.fox9.com/plus


Gophers up in the 3rd period. First goal of the season for Allie Franco!

Other top teams:

Ohio State, St Cloud State, Clarkson and Colgate won.

Wisconsin is leading in the 3rd.

UMD lost to Ohio State.




Josefin Bouveng and Allie Franco scored 42 seconds apart in the first period and Lucy Morgan had 24 saves as the Gophers women's hockey team skated to a 2-0 WCHA victory over host Bemidji State on Friday.

The Gophers (17-5-1, 11-5-1 WCHA), playing without coach Brad Frost this weekend, bounced back in the opener of a two-game series after losing 7-0 and 6-1 at Ridder Arena to top-ranked Ohio State last weekend. Those losses dropped the Gophers from No. 2 to No. 5 in this week's United States College Hockey Online poll.

The victory was the 21st in a row for the Gophers over the Beavers, who were playing at home for the first time since Nov. 18. The Gophers (17-5-1, 11-5-1) defeated the Beavers (3-19-1, 2-15) 9-2 and 9-1 in December at Ridder Arena.

Eva Filippova made 36 saves for the Beavers, whose last victory in the series was Dec. 2, 2017.


Only 2 goals against one of the worst teams in the WCHA, what happened to all that firepower? I think OSU broke Abbey Murphy.

Let's look at stats, WCHA stats:



Not entirely sure what happened, why Minnesota slipped slightly.

Coming up, St Cloud State has to play Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Minnesota in a row. St Cloud could drop in the standings. UMD plays Wisconsin and Minnesota but also easier St Thomas and Minnesota State.

Then St Cloud and UMD face each other. Keep an eye on that.

St Cloud has stepped up a half-level this season and deserves commendation.


2024 Frozen Four to be Held in New Hampshire

The image below is an example of how the Frozen Four bracket works. Five teams were seeded last season. Six more were unseeded for a total of 11 teams. The number is odd because various conferences get players into the tournament.

Minnesota had a good shot last season. They had just beat Wisconsin in the WCHA tournament. A Gophers goal was waived off when they said the shooter's stick was high.


The last time the Gophers won the NCAA championship looked like this:



Minnesota won it the season before that too, 2015:



And they won it two seasons before that, too. That was 2013:

Coach Brad Frost won all those and more.

Coach Brad Frost and Gopher Amanda Kessel, the best player in NCAA hockey

Gophers were undefeated in 2012-2013 with 41 wins and won the NCAA tournament.

“It was never and has never been a goal of ours to go undefeated," Frost said. "You go into a season hoping to develop your players as people and hockey players, focusing on the process and expecting them to come together as a team.” --Brad Frost

This link is a gateway to looking up more information:

The NCAA Women's Frozen Four is held in Minnesota next season 2025.

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