WNIT 2024 Game 3: Gophers Visit Wyoming (4-1-24)

Download is free, I was able to watch a MW softball game on my Fire TV for free and was able to do it on my iPhone and iPad.

I don't have access to the article but if it is a reaction to her earlier foot injury....that would be a major concern. That could mean it was chronic and likely to happen again in the future.
If it is something different and unrelated...unfortunate but better...except the greatest ability is availability and she is having a tough time staying healthy.

I would not read much into her foot injury, highly unlikely to be any kind of long-term issue. Swelling can occur after a foot injury, the nature of the foot, and is nothing wrong to fix.

Something to be aware of in the second half. Altitude. That's a real thing that sneaks up on you. Might need to use the bench a little more tonight to keep people fresh.

3 assists at half, lot of standing around again. Free throws ugh!

I don’t understand this late in the season and they still don’t have any offensive flow. So slow and zero movement besides battle driving the lane.

Boring game to watch. Every possession is battle driving and shooting.
This team needs a ton of work and development.

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