Which QB do the Vikes draft?

Who you got?

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Now the Broncos and Vikings are in a stare-down...

This has been the most predictable draft ever. Pure chalk.

All the talk about trades and McCarthy going in the top 5 or 6 was pure hype and lies to drive draft interest and drive up trade value.

Alright Broncos and Raiders … now or never with the Jets.

Come get your bust dinner!

Vikings are on the clock at number 10. it JJ McCarthy.

Souhan is a f'ng moron and doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. Nobody knows who the Vikings "love" and who's moving up draft boards and down draft boards. And Souhan is regurgitating the same tired drivel about defending Penix that most of the MSM feels compelled to do in order to protect Penix.

The perception of Penix is sliding because he has a litany of things wrong with his mechanics and he has by far the most significant injury history of anyone in the running for a high QB pick.

Take a look at the Vikings and KOC's offense, and then take a look at Cousins. You could argue that a player like Cousins is as close to a blueprint for what KOC wants in a QB; someone who can make quick reads, stand in the pocket, deliver the ball on time, and throw people open. Which of the QB's in this draft remind you the most of Cousins? It ain't Penix. Is it Maye? Is it McCarthy? Who knows. The most common strength of Penix seems to be, "he throws a great deep ball". That is far from the most important part of KOC's offense right now.

Maybe it's even Nix? People focus sometimes on talent too much over FIT. Which of these QBs fit what those teams want to do. It's not all the same, and their draft boards aren't all the same.

If Souhan thinks the Vikings are going to pick McCarthy because he outplayed Penix in the Natty, he's even dumber than any of us thought he was. And that's a pretty low bar.

He slide all the way to #8🤫🥳

Just joshing yah - you’ve likely forgotten more football than I’ll ever know
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Give away assets to draft Christian Zac McWilson Ponder.

Dumb Mother Fers

Oh well, at least didn’t give away firsts or future picks. I can at least live with that.

Darnold starts this year

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