When is the gamer going up for Nebraska


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Nov 20, 2008
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Big game Sunday against Nebraska. I know Ignatious busy guy but thought we would see thread. Gotta keep Jaz Shelly off the offensive glass and keep her from scoring. Gonna be cold as all heck outside so why not make your way to the barn for some fun. Bundle up on tge way in. If your into football record the games. 2 PM start is good for a fun afternoon of Gopher basketball at the barn. Go Gophers!

Agree on big game. Hope we get the Nebraska that played Illinois last night. Big Red looked pitiful at several stretches in that game, including a 7-point 4th Qtr.

And this game is Alumni Day. Alumni players will be honored at half time and there will be special recognition for the 2004 Final Four team and the 30th anniversary of the first NCAA tourney team.

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