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Nov 13, 2008
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It looks like a few of the weekend visitors have changed.

Scouts is now showing:
OT: Taylor Lewan
CB: Daryl Robinson (JuCo)
WLB: Jeremy Gainer (Indiana Verbal)
CB: Kenny Watkins (Indiana Verbal)
CB: Dakotah Tyler

Earlier in the week they were showing DB Demontre Hurst from Lancaster, TX (same as Kerry Lewis) and DB Jermaine Robinson from Milford Academy. They were replaced by Daryl Robinson and Dakotah Tyler.

Lewan is still the biggest target of the weekend and Gainer would be huge too. Rivals has them both as 4 star recruits.

I hope we at least get one of the 4stars

Does it bother anyone else that Daryl Robinson is a 4 star Juco prospect but his only other offer is from Akron. As if that is not bad enough he initially went to Temple which doesn't make me scream player.

Lewan or Gainer would be huge and I feel like we still need to add another freshman defensive back in this class. I was a little more excited when Demontre Hurst was going to be coming. Hopefully it is just a delay and he still comes for a visit.

Do we know for sure that Daryl Robinson doesn't have an offer? You can't totally trust any of these websites. For instance, Scout says that we haven't offered Seantrel Henderson.

We have an enormous Junior class and Freshmen class but a smallish sophmore class. A few Juco's might be a good idea to avoid a let down in 2010.

Is it possible that we could get Gainer and Dickerson? I would rather get Gainer because he would have more years at the U. But, I believe that Dickerson would have more of an immediate impact on this team.

BTW, if the Gopher's win today and a huge number of people storm the field, it will make the U really irresistable for these recruits. I think if we win, we might see a commitment out of Lewan this weekend.

What are our chances with Richardson? I'm not as plugged in as others.

My guess is that the websites are more accurate for HS seniors than HS juniors when it comes to offers. They spend a lot more time looking at and talking to the seniors.

I think we have a really good chance with Lewan regardless of the outcome of the game. I really like that we are currently his only scheduled visit and he attended our camp over the summer. Normally it might be bad to not have any seniors on the line because it implies there will not be the chance to pay but the reality is that as he watches the game he'll likely see the chance to play early.


If I remember correctly from a previous thread, he went to Temple as a running back and did fairly well starting as a freshman. He left Temple and went to JuCo and switched to a CB and has played very well there to earn the 4 stars.

Well like it or not Robinson is a Gopher from what I was told. The Gophers do really like him and he is going to or already gave a verbal this weekend.

Well like it or not Robinson is a Gopher from what I was told. The Gophers do really like him and he is going to or already gave a verbal this weekend.
Good news if so, depth at CB is lacking a bit.

I love that we got Robinson to commit. He seems like a really talented football player. We need playmakers on the field and he fits the mold. Welcome Daryl and good luck

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