Week 3 Other Games Thread

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Purdue kicker looking like a future Viking

Florida takes down Tennessee.

Texas and Wyoming tied at 10 end of 3rd quarter.

Oof. Tough break. Colorado State takes 3 points off the board after Colorado roughs the snapper and CSU QB throws an interception that Sanders runs back for 6.

Chippy game in Boulder but I do like that the CSU players are not backing down in the face of the Coach Prime show.

Colorado D is pathetic. They have athletes all over the field but I won't be shocked if Oregon kicks the crap out of them next week.

This would be absolutely incredible if they lose to CSU
On one hand I would love it because of the ego hit it would be.....but on the other I would like to see them riding high going into Eugene next week.....

Because if CSU can disect their defense like this.....good lord....think of what Oregon could do.

I see that Prime has ditched the sunglasses.....

128 penalty yards for Colorado St in the 1st half.
yeah....a lot of that is from the chippyness but good lord they have shot themselves in the foot over and over and over and over again. yet somehow they are in the lead.

CSU should be taking a knee at this point....just get to the half with the lead, don't do something stupid.

Big win for CSU being up at halftime......now they have to finish the job.

If CSU wasn’t shooting themselves in the foot and taking penalties they could have about 40 points right now

These announcers cannot stop kissing the as... of Colorado and Sanders, despite the fact being totally outplayed to this point. Only reason they are in the game is some stupid mistakes by Colorado State.

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