Week 3 Other Games Thread

Idk, I could easily see PSU or Michigan overtaking them this year.
I think you better get to them early in the year. Stroud will only get better and Treyveon Henderson looks incredible.

Kinda jealous of the PSU white out build up. Students camping outside the stadium up to a day in advance. Seems like a cool deal.

Saint Thomas having a rough first division 1 game....

Bowl rival Georgia Tech giving Clemson all they can handle.

This is Year 3 (or 2 if using Coach's counting system) of rebuild at GT.

GT making Clemson earn it. 7-3 Clemson going into the 4th.

Yeah for sure

Can the best defenses slow them down? The best defenses candidates to beat them are:

No way on those 3 in my mind
Clemson D is fine. Their offense is so bad they can barely beat Georgia Tech (if they do end up winning)

Saint Thomas having a rough first division 1 game....
37-3, I guess the game is still going on with about 8 minutes left in the 4th.

Don't see any stats on the game though on ESPN.

Georgia Tech must be good to hang with Clemson…*checks schedule, sees they lost to Northern Illinois*…Northern Illinois must be good *checks schedule*…Michigan will win the super bowl

So it's a white out in Beaver Stadium. And Auburn is wearing all white. PSU is wearing blue.

Who the hell planned that lol

Clemson is going to pull it out. Great defense, horrible offense.

GT has the ball with 7 seconds, probably 1 play left.

Clemson is very fortunate that fumble ended up a safety and not a GT TD. They squeak out the win.

Clemson lucky their running back recovered his own fumble. Clemson isn’t very good

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