Weather for Illinois game


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Nov 7, 2008
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It looks like this could be the type of fall day we have all been yearning for. The early forecast says mostly sunny and high of 60.

I hope this holds....Besides Cal and Air Force, it's been colder than normal every game. Would love to go to the game in a T-shirt and jeans rather than bundling up with like 4 layers! Don't get me wrong, love the outdoors and TCF, but warmer than average would be really nice!

Yep, considering the time of year, I would call the MSU game to be "okay" weather-wise and the first two were of course summer-like. But, I have said this before... I was bummed we didn't get any of my favorite fall football weather... the kind of weather where it feels good to throw on a sweatshirt but no need for layers. I figured I was cursed when I went to the OSU game away... got there as they were finishing up a beautiful week in the 70's. Game day was high (barely) of 50 with a howling wind and mist. Right after we returned to MN the temps went into the 80's in Columbus. I'd say the biggest bummer of all was the Wisconsin game - which was waaaaay below normal for that time of year.

Well, maybe November will end up as wacky warm as October was wacky cold. Fingers crossed.

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