Volleyball: Taylor Landfair Tells the Rest of the 2021 Story

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Sep 9, 2015
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I could not wait to step onto the court last year. Due to COVID-19, during my first season in the Spring of 2021, I was not able to play in front of any fans. Knowing the Pav [Maturi Pavilion] was going to be filled to the brim seemed like a dream come true. Our team had been putting so much work in and now it was time for us to show off the training and dedication we had put in. We were beyond excited to step foot on the court! During our pre-game talk before our Texas match and you could hear the cries of the crowd just waiting for us to open the locker room door and run out. It was a huge adrenaline rush, and right when we came out of the locker room, the crowd went absolutely crazy - it was one of the coolest moments of my life!

Early on, everything was smooth-sailing in terms of my health. I had a few minor clicks here and there, but nothing that would set me back from being able to compete. During our third match of our season against Texas, my abdominal muscle began to hurt and it kept getting worse as the game continued. The pain was indescribable when it came to the third set and I could barely stand up straight. After that match I reported my injury to the coaches and training staff so they could check on me. I was unable to fully practice and was restricted to rehabilitation while we figured out the issue. I ended up straining my abdominal muscles pretty severely, which caused me to have to take a break from volleyball activity for a few days to allow my body to rest

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