Visit with Howard transfer G Elijah Hawkins

What exactly is your expectations for his recruiting? Your pessimistic attitude towards Ben is not reality. Yes he’s had 2 last place teams but it’s not recruiting it’s injuries and you know that Tucker Carlson. Depleted their bench in year one and forced them to play freshman in year 2, which doesn’t work in the portal/Covid year era… that’s not including the lack of NIL money. But that doesn’t matter to you… maybe when Ben gets fired we can hire someone else’s son
Recruiting expectations?

Sign and retain kids that are good students and great bb players.

So you wanna use the composite rating from 7+ years ago when everyone who follows recruiting knows that ESPN and Rivals have taken serious dives as far as recruiting/rating legitimacy in that time period? 247 is widely considered the industry standard, so I used their ratings. The quality of the composite rating system is nowhere near the same thing as it was back in 2015/2016. ESPN literally laid off most of their employees who handled HS recruiting since then.

NOTE: Coffey was actually rated #81 nationally by 247, not #50. My mistake in my original post.
Coffey was undervalued because he was coming off of an injury though.

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