Top 25 Greatest Men's Gymnastics Programs Of All Time (#12. Minnesota)


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Apr 9, 2022
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"In 1969, NCAA men's gymnastics had more than 210 programs compete that season. Today, just 15 teams remain as a Division I NCAA sponsored sport." END QUOTE

Each generation of students gets to choose. What society spends money on is constantly changing. I also do empathize with those who want a certain sport not in the budget.

Wild guess... If Minnesota Gophers get a budget for another Division 1 team it will be for the emerging sport lacrosse. Maybe not. Minnesota already plays DII lacrosse in the Upper Midwest Lacrosse Conference that has 10 D1 teams and 6 D2 teams. Maybe not. St Thomas has one of the best D2 lacrosse teams in the nation. They are tabbed as the preseason favorites, I read.

Minnesota Golden Gophers - Roster - MCLA

That sport has traction in this area. It's played on the fields of my city in town.

Some people have mentioned a new men's volleyball team that, I think, has almost zero chance, being a mostly coastal sport like beach volleyball, even though some say it's listed as an emerging sport for popularity.

Football of course is the big dog of college sports.

Most citizens of Minnesota neither care about University of Minnesota sports not want money spent on it. Some people do follow certain sports more than others. Universities can be kind of an anchor for popular local sports.

Anyway, I do empathize with Minnesota not having that sport while also looking to the landscape of what is probably emerging on the budget horizon like lacrosse.

Minnesota does not have several sports that other universities have.

My vote would be for cross country skiing or lacrosse since I see both sports happening around here, if budget dollars were added.

Better yet, keep the budget as-is and work on NIL support for current sports programs. Money is too tight already.

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