This Former Gophers Running Back Is Now Slingin’ Tacos and THC Treats


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Nov 11, 2008
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Per Jessica:

Visit Bald Head Bakery’s Instagram page and you’ll find all kinds of delicious food pics.

Loaded mac 'n' cheese. Pork tacos. Loaded mac 'n' cheese inside a pork taco. Homemade caramels. Red velvet cookies with icing for dunking. Fruity Pebble treats with neon blue frosting. Sugar cookies with a three-eyed rainbow teddy bear emoji dancing on top of them...

Wait... is this some sort of stoner operation?

Yes, yes it is.

For the past two years, Rodrick Williams of Bald Head Bakery has not only been serving up stuff to get you high, he’s also been cooking up the kind of stuff you want to eat while high (and when you’re 100% sober, too).

It all started with a speeding ticket back home in Lewisville, Texas. Williams got into baking—the non-THC variety, it should be noted—during high school after getting pulled over for driving way too fast. His parents laughed, and told him he was going to have to pay the fine himself. Inspiration came to him while walking through the bakery section of a grocery store: He would make that money via a one-man bake sale.

“Literally that week I started selling cookies and brownies in my high school in the hallways,” he says. “About two weeks later we were taking orders from teachers.”

Williams took a break from baking at the University of Minnesota, mainly because he was busy being a running back for Jerry Kill's Golden Gophers football teams. After graduation he got back into baking, baking, and making munchies, which he he would make in his kitchen and sell at special events. But he knew he needed to take it to the next level, and that meant taking a trip to Iowa.

Go Gophers!!
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Thrilled to see Minnesota legalized it! Looking forward to some tacos and THC when I come back to campus this fall.

Cool! He's often a the 56 Brewing and Broken Clock Brewing, both in NE and within walking distance from me. He seems like a good dude and I can confirm both the tacos and the loaded mac are great.

Sounds pretty good. I'm anxious to try it when I can get a chance. Can you park something like this in the State Fairgrounds tailgating area?

I need to go there the next time I am back in the Twin Cities.

Victor Keise also has a food business of his own slinging egg rolls!



I remember thinking when Williams was playing that he was going to slide right into Kirkwood's role, but I seem to remember he fumbled at a key point in a big game and got leapfrogged on the depth chart.

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