The Athletic: Big Ten Paid Out Just Over 60 Million per School

Ignatius L Hoops

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Sep 9, 2015
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LOS ANGELES — The Big Ten saw revenues jump by more than $34 million in fiscal year 2023, but its expenses rose by more than $46 million, according to the league’s 2023 fiscal year tax filing, which was obtained by The Athletic on Monday.

The $17.56 million shortfall marked the third consecutive year the league reported a deficit, dating to the 2020-21 year drastically altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of the financial fallout spills over from when the league sold a larger equity share of Big Ten Network to Fox, which saw its ownership stake of the channel increase from 51 to 61 percent. The league’s $23 million dividend from BTN in fiscal 2022 became a $28 million dividend loss in its 2023 fiscal report.

Still, the Big Ten generated nearly $880 million in fiscal 2023, spent $897.4 million and holds more than $255 million in assets. Its revenue should grow and perhaps exceed $1 billion at the end of the current fiscal year, thanks in part to the conference’s latest media rights package.

That Jim guy on the Office keeps picking on the guy with glasses.

Other than a short term cash boost...which arguably wasn't necessary...why would you sell the Big Ten Network if you believe in your conference? Less money long term and way less control.
Why would you do that?

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